Padova // Padua

paride zandegù, italy – italien


german – deutsch

The feeling I have about my city is not to be perfectly safe as to the daily moves we make.
There are areas which are definitely not so well patrolled by police and they turn into dangerous hotbed for petty crimes and thefts.
We tried to turn down a wall separating the city in two, but this did not mean unfortunately a better situation, because the previous ghetto made up of small pushers and gamblers simply was spread over the city, splitting itself into other smaller units of peril.
Beside this, parking areas are getting more and more reduced, to find a free parking space on weekends you need sometimes more than half an hour, which translates into more air pollution and chaos on the street. As an alternative, you need to pay almost 2 euro per hour and rush back with shopping bags in time before the policeman or police helpers pass and get you a fine for not paying your whole parking stay.
There are also good parts about my city of course, there are lots of green areas, also downtown, where you can walk your pet and stretch your legs, or also teh public transports are quite handy if you travel in the daylight, if you happen to wait for the bus at night you can perish the thought and get on your car or bicycle, because after 20.30 no buses will pass. the tram instead which covers only a restricted track runs till midnight.
If you go a bit outside the town, you will come across mervellous landscapes across the hills, just south of my town, where you can linger for a nice glass of wine or eat a delicious mixed grill or boar stew..not to be missed!
I think that despite the first part I like living in my town, because it is very down to earth and it can be easily walked over without having to catch a bus. You can go and say a prayer to the Basilica of the Saint Anthony, who protects our city, and have a rest on the meadows of the Prato Della Valle, where on Saturdays a huge market is held with all sorts of foodstuffs, clothing, small household appliances, flowers, plants, carpets, shoeware, and much more!!


october 2010


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